Friday, July 22, 2022

Our journey continues... (and an outside boat tour!)

 We sailed up the west coast of Ibiza Island in the Balearics and anchored at some really beautiful beaches.  Ibiza is known for it's all-night parties, and had a very festive vibe at all times.  Our first couple of anchorages had a quintessential Mediterranean feel with lots of friendly neighbours and sun soaked beach-goers.  Try to spot Oyai in this photo... she is centre left, near the back (she has a dinghy hanging in davits on the back of the boat).

We are in the water for most of the days because Europe is currently having a historic heat wave.  We have been lucky and haven't seen any evidence of forest fires where we have been.  I think out in the middle of the Med on these islands is somewhat less hot and dry than the mainland right now.  

We have been taking advantage of the amazing public transport systems in most of the places we have stayed so far.  We bused over to Ibiza (from our anchorage on the west coast) and checked into customs, then we walked around the incredible fortified city of old Ibiza that dates back to the 1600s.

Not all of our time is spent in the water, sightseeing or on buses!  We have started to play family rounds of chess and the girls are soon going to be beating their parents!  We've also introduced the girls to Foosball which I'm sure goes by a different name over here in Europe, but I couldn't tell you what that is :)

Yesterday, we did another overnight crossing from Ibiza to Mallorca and toured around Palma de Mallorca today.  What an amazing city!  It is, not surprisingly, filled with lots of history and culture as well.  The impressive cathedral in Palma was started in the 1200s and wasn't finished until the 1600's.  It is taller than Notre Dame in Paris, and just as awe-inspiring.

We have been enjoying getting to know our boat "Oyai" so much and thought we would share some shots of her with you.  Also, there is a short 360 degree tour of her from the outside here, if you are interested in seeing our home for the next year.

We are going to keep the updates and videos coming, so stay tuned!  We will also take you on a tour of the deck and inside of Oyai in the coming weeks.  Next we plan to sail up to Menorca, the northernmost Balearic Island.  From there we will likely cross over to Sardinia, and the mainland of Italy.  Here is a parting shot of yet another beautiful sunset!

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