Friday, July 8, 2022

Reunited! After too many weeks apart, our family is back together and traveling around Europe.

We then flew to Gibraltar together, and Lana, Aria & Micah got their first look at the boat.  She was resting comfortably in the marina in Gibraltar, right where Stu left her.  We have settled in nicely, and the girls' jetlag is slowly wearing off.  We have been exploring Gibraltar for the last 3 days and there is lots to see in this very small area.

We hiked all over the Rock yesterday!  This is a suspension bridge in the upper Gibraltar Rock Nature Reserve.

King Charles V commissioned for a huge steep wall to be built in the mid 1700's to keep out pirates.  It was crawling with monkeys and we had quite a few close quarters interactions.

This was the dizzying Skywalk (which was inaugurated by none other than Mark Hamill in 2017).  Under our feet was a 500 foot drop to the ground.

These monkeys are all over the upper rock and have been known to steal food right out of tourists hands.  They are extremely cute though.

The tunnel systems and cannon ports (often 200 feet off the ground) is unbelievable.  Many were constructed by hand in the late 1700's when the Brits were fending off the Spanish during "The Great Siege" which lasted 4 years.  The last photo is of a surgery happening deep within the rock's tunnels around the time of WWII.

Before the Spanish & British, the Moors from Africa ruled Gibraltar for around 500 years.  This was inside The Moorish Castle which was built in around 1100 AD.

After the big exploration of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, we decided to have a town day, and did some bowling.  Much to the girl's amusement.

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